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  • Transparency enables maximum customer satisfaction.

  •  Flexibility minimizes risks

  • Fast response leads to better customized solutions

  • Economy is realized through lean production.


Founded in 1989, CNNC HUAYUAN Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd is the leading Titanium Dioxide powder producer in China which first introduced foreign advanced technology and key equipments. It is mainly engaged in the production, marketing and service of Titanium Dioxide powder .
With the deep implementation of the reform and opening-up policy and further development of the market economy, driven by the strategy of “going global”, it has carried out a series of crucial measures, such as technology reforming and capacity expansion, addition of new production lines and introduction & assimilation of new technology to continuously optimize production and management. Through years of efforts......

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    --Transparency Flexibility Fast  360 degree support 

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    --Enjoy Your Life! Enjoy Your Work!


  • Sustainable Development at CHTI

    --Take the Sustainable Development as Our Responsibility!